Yuka's Remedial Massage

Yuka's Remedial Massage

Wellness and juvenation

Assisting women in a speedy recovery from childbirth

Yuka's Remedial Massage provides mobile post-natal massage to most Melbourne suburbs.

A qualified female massage therapist arrives at your place with oil, towels, relaxing music as well as cultural sensitivities for women from a variety of background.

The therapist uses mainly Lymphatic massage and Myofasical( deep tissue) massage in conjunction with other methods such as cupping, stretching and trigger point therapy.

Lymphatic massage aims to reduce fluid retention, associated joint pains as well as to boost the mother's immune system during the most vulnerable period by stimulating the lymphatic system manually.  In another words, the lymphatic massage can help you to shrink size and to revitalise your inner wellbeing. The therapist also can teach you how to do self-massage between visits to maximise the speed of fluid reduction.

Myofascial (deep tissue) massage is used to reduce muscular tensions and aches that has built up during your pregnancy and child birth especially in the shoulder, neck, and legs.

Please note
C-section clients
We are not able to provide abdominal massages for post C-section clients without your doctors' approval, which is usually given around 3 months after the c-section surgery. We work strictly with accordance to the Australian medical and massage industry standard.

No Upstairs
Our therapists are unable to carry a massage table upstairs due to OHS issues. We provide a massage on the massage table on the ground floor only without lift access should the massage table is requested. Many cases for pregnant women, we recommend to take a massage on your bed for your safty.

All massage treatments are private health funds claimable.

Booking or Enquiry 0413747809 or massage@gotohda.com